5,700 Users

500 Companies

10,000 Employee

750 Devices

AttendLab® Awesome Features

In addition to using recent Face Recognition Technology, AttendLab® has great features that don’t find in any other Apps in the market

Easy to Manage Your All Data
by This App

Simple Attendance System and user-friendly interface will enable you to access and manage your data easily, a dashboard provides quick statistics on your active devices, employees, and their attendances and locations globally. In addition to the ability to export reports and timesheets to Excel, CSV or PDF.

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100% Face Recognition Accuracy

The App accuracy is 100% in reading and recognizing the faces, there is no way this might be mistaken! It also recognizes the faces in all conditions like Hijab, beard or mustache. Also, the App verifies the uploaded photos to ensure its quality

Get it for FREE or at Reasonable Price

Add-ons only available for the Enterprise plan.
+1 Employee $1/mo
+1 User $3/mo
+1 Device $7/mo

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